Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Running through the park, filling the font and skyping!

May 11, 2015

Hey everyone, it's been a pretty interesting week.

Tuesday we went on splits and I got to visit a few families with Bro Howell and had a few nice visits. It was really productive and it was nice to get to know the ward better. 

Wednesday we went for a run up the Perry steps and had fun with moran prairie elders. 

We also had a crazy miracle during a lesson down at river front park. We were headed to our lesson and this random girl stopped us and talked to us and mentioned she was from moody bible institute (a school that teaches how to bible bash) and then we kinda just shrugged her off and went to our lesson, the girl we were teaching was a few minutes late and so we waited for a minute. We were looking around and then we saw our investigator coming, and right behind her, the moody bible girl had a friend and was pointing at us, ready to come talk to us, so we ended up walking quickly the other way and calling our investigator and let her know what was going on and that a member was going to meet her at the corner and we were going to be along shortly. So we ended up running through the park, stopped and said a quick prayer, and then saw them trying to cut us off further in the park, so we hid behind a building when they couldn't see us for a second and then ran the other way, got our investigator and successfully evaded the attack. It was super cool. my oh crap senses were going off like crazy and if we hadn't said a prayer, I don't know what would've happened.

Thursday we went to hope house and got a tour of the facilities and signed up to do service there on Saturday. It was a nice tour and we had some good visits that evening.

Friday we had zone training and gamenight with the ysa, it was lots of fun, and funny story, halfway through we had to help the Manito sisters with filling the baptismal font with buckets of warm water because the water heater was shut off for the font. It was chaotic. We started exchanges that evening and Elder Keppner came to spo2/ysa while Elder Molder went to moranprairie. 

Saturday we went to service at the hope house all morning and then helped Bro Fletcher with some things around the house. We ran all over town doing different things. It was a good day and we had a really good lesson with a la member who we'd had trouble with in the past.

Sunday was church all day and then skyping with family, it was awesome!

Love ya'll! have a great week!
Elder Griffin

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