Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fire side, Zone Conference and new investigators

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
(Monday was a holiday, Tuesday was temple day)

Hey Everyone! 
Its been a good week! Monday night we gave a fireside for the ysa ward and had fun. We did a mini MTC and taught about continued revelation, it was super good.

Tuesday we spent a lot of time with a missionary who has been struggling lately, it was good to talk with him. That evening we had a lesson at the park again and guess who decides to show up? more moody bible students. It was a way cool lesson though because our new investigator (large black man whos name is Griffin) was just like "why you tryin to start contention? What if the Book of Mormon is true? I don't wanna be damned because i didn't see what it has to offer. It says Jesus Christ right on the cover of it!" It was super awesome and the moody bible guys ended up taking a BOM as they left. It turned into a super good lesson after they left and we didn't even get a parking ticket after! It was a blessing!

Wednesday we went to urgent care with one of our recent converts and spent some time helping her as she waited for care, it was good. Not too much else happened.

Thursday we found out the missionary who had been struggling was going home on Friday and we got permission to spend some extra time with him. it was tough, but it was definitely good for him. We also got two new investigators who are super super studious and so it's going to be interesting to see how things work out with them. They have a lot to learn and they want to learn it in depth. It will be fun teaching them.

Friday we spent most of the day at zone conference and the Elder went home, It was really tough to see him go. 

We also had game night with the ysa ward and had fun with some of our investigators there.

Saturday we had a really good lesson with our blind investigator and she's doing so well now, we found her a study buddy and she's been loving the Book of Mormon so much! It's been great! 

Sunday was pretty uneventful, except we had an unusual experience that evening with a recent  move in. She was struggling with depression and we ended up having to run over to her place and make sure she was doing okay. It was a different experience, but she really appreciated our visit.

Monday was interesting, i had to go to the hospital to get my blood drawn and then something just hit me and I was down the rest of the day. I spent most of it with our neighbor Bro Fletcher and things worked out pretty good despite the sudden hit.

Tuesday we had a fun day. We got permission for some missionaries to stay the night because they had a long drive and we were going to the temple together. It was lots of fun and it was nice to see them. We also had a great lesson with Griffin and Katie, plan of salvation. They are super solid, so they had lots of questions but just loved it. We also went on splits and contacted some referrals and found a couple super nice people and picked up one new solid investigator! It was awesome!

That's about it for the week,
Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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