Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Transfers -- Back to Spokane!

 April 27, 2015
Hey everyone!
It's been a good busy week!
Tuesday we had transfers, so we packed up our apt and headed on out of Colville down to Spokane and just had a fun drive and said bye to Elder Buckely, Pendell and Hunter. Then I met up with my new comp, Elder Molder and we got to work! 
It was super fun and we even had an interesting experience while we were meeting with one of our investigators by the running people in river front park. We had a guy who was going through a difficult situation screaming profanities at us about anti and stuff. Pretty much the craziest lesson I've had on my mission. 
Elder Molder had to keep teaching with the member that was there and I kept escorting the guy off and taking him back to his wife who was crying and screaming at him and I ended up rebuking him and it all worked out. Very interesting and at one point the member was doing all the teaching while I was walking the crazy guy away from our investigator and Elder Molder was talking to some other guy. 
It ended up being a really good lesson and made for a great story. 
Elder Molder, Eppson, Keppner
Afterwards we went to sacred Heart hospital and gave a blessing. Afterwards Elder Molder felt prompted to go check on someone who was there last time he went and it took us about 20 minutes to find her. However when we found her, she didn't want to visit.  On the way home we were driving and there was a police car with it's intercom on saying something along the lines of "come out, we'll find you, put down your weapons".
We got back to Brother Fletchers to say hi and had him look it up and he said there was a shooting at the gas station right where we would have been had we not gone to the other lady's room. It was kinda freaky, but we realized that Heavenly Father really looks out for his missionaries. It was pretty cool. Love ya mom! ha you asked for it!
Wednesday we went to institute and had fun meeting and made Italian sodas and had fun, nothing too eventful Wednesday and Thursday though.
Friday we watched Meet the Mormons at the church and had fun.  We got free lunch at the institute and had Italian soda's again and just had a good busy day. 

Saturday was fun, we had lunch with Elder Molders mission mom and  picked up a braille Book of Mormon for an investigator who is blind and helped some random people move (they offered us a beer) ha ha. 
We found out Doc was in the hospital (in our area) so we went and visited him. It was good to see him, but he wasn't doing too good. He said he should be okay, so I'm just gonna hope he gets well soon.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, we had a good lesson with a YSA(young single adult)  sister and I made sloppy joes out of elk meat, it was super good!
Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Elder Molder

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