Friday, April 10, 2015

Zone Conference, General Conference and Service!

Hi Everybody!
It's been a good week, lots of interesting experiences.
Tuesday we got our apartment inspected, we passed, sorta, most of the mess was left over from years past, but we did okay. Afterwards we visited a few people and had a good busy day, we finished up with institute it was good.
Wednesday was interesting, we helped a new family move into the ward, they were super nice and we're hoping to make them not pmf. It should be good. We also had interviews which was good. Afterwards we helped an interesting lady move. It was not a good situation to say the least and it was very... aromatic.
Thursday we  had weekly planning and then had  a dinner appointment, correlation and basketball with the elders quorum. At the end of the night we picked up Elder Lefler from Chewelah and Friday we were going to try to open up little Russia.
Friday, we had zone training and then went to lunch at Rancho Chico, it was super good, during lunch we got a call from the lady again and she desperately needed help, so we ended up spending the rest of our day helping her move. It was very very unsanitary. Worst move I have ever taken part in.  It was sad. We never made it out to little Russia, so Elder Lefler is going to have to wait. 
Saturday was general conference and it was super good, we watched it at the church and had a lot of fun. It was good. We went to Ronnie D's after for ice cream and hung out with Jim and Brother Fitzsimmons. It was really fun.
Sunday we watched conference over at the Fitzsimmons with Jim and had a lesson and it was really good. The spirit was strong and Jim is excited for his baptism. We had an interesting dinner with some members out in the boonies and then struggled to find something to do the rest of the evening. Holidays are tough for finding people to see when you don't know many people.
It's beena  goood week!
Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

Elder Buckley

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