Friday, April 10, 2015

Rancho Chico and Beaver Lodge

Monday, March 30

Hey everyone!

It's been a good and busy week!
Tuesday we had a road trip and got the jeep serviced, so we decided to try Rancho Chico, it was super good and not too expensive! 

Wednesday we did service at the food bank and had a lot of fun. we also tried to contact a referral and this random guy outside got mad at us because we knocked twice, it was really random and kinda funny. We also had a really powerful lesson with Jim and the Fitzsimmons and an amazing lesson with Lester and the fruits of the spirit.

Thursday we had another road trip and tried to stop for slurpees, but the slurpee machine at the 7-11 was broken! It was frustrating. We taught a former investigator and almost had this random apartment manager try to bash with us. It was random and not very nice of her to interrupt our lesson.
Friday we did exchanges and my first district meeting, it was a really good district meeting and the spirit was strong. On exchanges with Elder Pendell, we literally spent the entire exchange in service clothes. It was lots of fun doing various service projects and i was worn out by the end of it. We even got pizza!
Saturday was fun, more service! I was so exhausted! But it was really good work. we also went to a YSA activity with Jim and had some really good food.  I also realized that a good comparison for Colville, it's a lot like Hurricane.
Sunday we had a really good day at church, we got a bunch of dinners scheduled with members, we got priesthood holders signed up to come out with us and we even bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting! That evening we had an AMAZING dinner at the relief society presidents house, it was super good! Overall just a great day!
That's about the extent of my week, lots of cancellations, it's been frustrating, but the work is getting moving, so I'm excited!
Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls, Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge

Beaver Lodge Campground & Resort, Colville Washington
Love ya!
Elder Griffin

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