Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Transferred up North! Short letter but lots of picture!!!

Elder Pendell and Elder Griffin

I'm in Priest River Now!

It's a beautiful area and there's so much good work going on in the area, I'm having tons of fun with Elder Pendell!

The apartment is pretty strange. It used to be an attic, so it's pretty funny shaped and it has lots of little quorks about it. I really like it though and Elder Pendell and I have made it home. 

We have two families who are on date for baptism in the coming weeks. The Feika's, and the Charlstons. They are great! The Feikas, the husband is from Sierra Lione and went through some really hard times there, but is happy and grateful for Heavenly Father protecting him and leading him here to America. The Charleston's are a younger family, but their grandparents area active members and they live waaayyy out in the middle of nowhere.

The week was busy but super good! I got to enjoy some beautiful scenery and I've only met one person who wasn't nice. All the rest of the people have been super respectful and nice and it's been a lot of fun getting to know everyone here. Unfortunately, I'm short on time, so I'll have to get ya'll details later!

Love ya!
Elder Bryce Griffin
Typical North Idaho apocalypse busses

Duck in Moscow Idaho in church parking lot

big foot air freshner...seems like an oxy-moron!

Martin Family, Moscow Idaho

Elder Pendell and Elder Griffin

Priest River, Idaho

Priest River, Idaho

Elder Pendell

Attic apartment

Attic apartment in Priest River

Attic Apartment



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