Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Servings others...Gotta love the 5HR "30 Minute" moves! Haha

Melissa Friar, Elder Griffin
Hey everyone!
It's been an exciting week!

Monday we spent the morning at Orphan Acres, we were helping take care of some noxious weeds in the new Pasture. That afternoon we spent at the church emailing and right as we were finishing up, the power went out, so we had to wait to turn all the computers off. it was a bit ridiculous. That evening we went and visited John and helped him prepare for a Priesthood lesson he's giving next week. It was a really nice visit and he's excited for his lesson.

Elder Toner
Tuesday we had a couple lessons during the afternoon and then went to dinner with the Smith family, they're super nice and make some good food. Then we met up with Elder Keightly and Pauuvale to drive to the mission home on our temple trip. It was a nice drive. so pretty this time of year.

Wednesday morning we woke up bright and early and went to an endowment session. It was so nice and peaceful and it seems like i know everyone in the temple. I guess that happens sometimes though. For lunch Elder Toner and I met up with Melissa and Bill and went to taco bell. It was so fun to visit with them. They're getting married in the next week or two. Unfortunately, i wont be able to make it.

Thursday we went with Bro Schroeder to his daughters farm again and helped with herding their cows. It was a lot of fun. afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant here in Moscow and had some really really good Sweet and sour chicken. It was great. We spent the evening helping a less active brother move and cleaning up his apartment. It was fun to spend some time with the Elders Quorum cleaning things up.

Friday We had district meeting and afterwards went to pizza hut as a district and had lunch. it was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed it. We spent the afternoon tracking down weed eaters we could borrow to help with a service project on Saturday. We had dinner with the Bacons, which is always way too much fun.

Not sure?!  Ohhhh...Elder Toner after comp inventory
Elder Griffin won
Saturday we helped a sister move out of her apartment and into a new one. It was mostly missionaries helping and so it was a lot of fun. Although it turned out to be one of those 5 HR "30 minute" moves. OH well, lots of fun! Afterwards we went out to Amber and Gregory's and helped clean up their yard using the weed eaters. it was a lot of fun and it looked great after we finished!

Sunday was fast Sunday, so we had a really great testimony meeting. A lot of people in the area have been experiencing deaths in their family's lately, so there were a lot of testimony's on the plan of salvation. it was great. Afterwards we visited Jan out in syringa and then went to dinner with the Ostvig Family. The Ostvig's are way too much fun and they have the funniest kids. It was very enjoyable and the food was great! Then we went to the Deobalds for a lesson with Kelly. She's struggling a bit, and so we could use extra prayers for her.

That's my week!
Love you guys!
Happy Mother's Day!
Elder Bryce Griffin

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