Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Temple, family search, quitting smoking and tithing!

July 20, 2015
This week has been pretty exciting!

Tuesday we went to the Temple so Sis Powell could get her endowments! It was an amazing experience and there was so much love and support. They're doing so great!

We also had an amazing lesson with Glennyss. We did service for her last week and then we talked a ton about family history, she loved it! So we took a member with us and we helped her get on, and she loved it so much! It was pretty sweet. So we set a return appointment for later in the week to go with her to the Family history center and get help with some documents we had.
Wednesday we did lots of service and had a fun lesson with the Collins about tithing. We used skittles to show the blessings that come from tithing. It was great!

Thursday we helped paint a house for about 8 hours and then had a huge bbq, it was awesome! Super good food! Afterwards we had weekly planning, which was a huge battle against the great and terrible food coma! It worked out really well though, we got a lot done. 

Later that evening we visited one of our investigators Jill, and were having a lesson on her balcony and then another investigator, Holly, rode by on her bike and said "Hey! Can I come talk too!?" So we had a lesson with both of them and ended up committing them both to quit smoking and start living the word of wisdom. It was really cool. 

That evening we were supposed to have a lesson with Glennyss and we called to confirm the appointment and she said "Sorry, I spent too much time on Familysearch and can't talk today cause I need to get stuff done!"It was awesome! She just fell in love with familysearch!

Friday we had dinner with the senior missionaries and enjoyed hanging out with them. It was lots of fun. We also helped the Sweckers move out one of our former's stuff who was evicted. It was kinda odd feeling.

That evening we went to Jill's for dinner with people from her apartment. It was really cool.  A lot of them didn't really like us at first, but by the end they weren't afraid to talk to us. It was sweet! And the pork shoulder was super good too!
Saturday was sweet! We went to the Powells sealing and the spirit was so strong! Their little boy came in to be sealed and he was so well behaved, it was amazing, especially since he usually terrorizes the village! Afterwards we went to their home for his baby blessing and it was just an amazing experience. That morning we went to contact someone iI'd talked to a week or two ago and she was outside setting up for a yard sale. It was super funny, all the stuff she was putting in her lawn was stuff we had moved out of our investigators house. Awkward!!! 
So we taught someone, they went missing, they turned up, we helped evict them, and then we found their stuff at a garage sale. It was crazy! 

Sunday wasn't too eventful, we had a huge pot roast at the Nicholls house and then saw a couple families and taught the Luna's about tithing. It was a good day and we enjoyed the special discussion in Sunday School about the sabbath day and observing it properly. 

It was a good week!
Love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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