Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Independence Day fun -- Heat, BBQ, bowling, mini golf and a S.T.R.E.T.C.H. limo!!!

Hey Everyone!
Elder Hunter

It was a pretty good week this week, lots of fun with the 4th!

Monday we had a super chill pday, we went bowling and played mini golf. It was good.

Elder Hunter, Timu, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Griffin
Tuesday we had a good lesson with the collins family about prophets and the spirit was really strong and we were able to help Sis Collins get a better understanding of why prophets are important. We also saw the Luna family and had a nice visit and got some water (it's been so hot!)

Wednesday was good, we had weekly planning and got a lot done, we stopped by the Collins to drop off some church dvd's and they just opened up about some things they'd been struggling with, it was really good. The spirit helped us better understand their needs and help them resolve some of their concerns. They're so ready for baptism. it's just a matter of when they feel ready. 

Thursday we met the new mission president! He seems super cool, I'm excited to get to know him better. Afterward we had an interesting experience. One of the missionaries made us get a ride home with them and basically made it sound like we were going to ride home in this super sketchy vw bus, and then all of the sudden a stretch hummer limo pulls up and he tells us to get inside! It was crazy! Super funny!
Friday we went on exchanges and Elder Kattil was my companion. It was lots of fun and we were just going hard all day in the heat. In the morning we went to a funeral for an elderly man in Dishman Michah ward and the speaker gave a beautiful discourse on the plan of salvation. Afterwards we worked all day in the heat and had some really good contacts. One miracle I saw was, we were biking to this house to contact a potential, and we knocked on the door and were both just dying of heat. We were both out of water and were just overheated. The lady answers the door and says "boys! it's 110 degrees outside. What are ya doing? Let me give you some water. It was great! She gave us the water and politely said she wasn't interested, but I really appreciate GOOD CHRISTIAN people. She may not have been ready for the gospel life, but she truly represented a good christian.

Saturday was pretty fun, Independance day! We had a ward breakfast and a lot of the families we'd been working with were there. It was great. Afterwards we went and visited Sis Moosmen and wished her a happy 4th. She really appreciated the visit. Then we went to a la sister named Latina and had a bbq with her for lunch. It was really good and she really enjoyed having us over. She's such a mission gma! That evening we went to a bbq with Dishman Michah and had ribs and fun with one of their families. It  was super good!

Sunday was pretty uneventful except one of the Luna's daughters got up and bore her testimony on fast Sunday! It was sweet! it was her first time at church too! It was awesome!

Great week!
love ya'll!
Elder Griffin

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