Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Transfer! Headed to Canada -- well almost!


Hey everyone, Bryce has been transferred out of Spokompton! He has been on his mission for seven and a half months and finally got transferred. His new area is Colville, Washington. It is a small town (less than 5,000 people) in the northeastern part of the state. about 30 miles from the Canadian border (here's a link to it on Bing maps).

We went on Google Street and got right to his apartment, took a "drive" around Colville and even went to the Colville Stake Center.

With transfers and all, he didn't have much time to write. Here's an excerpt from his short letter:

"Wednesday we had a kinda bad day and so we finished it up by stopping for a pizza on the way home and it was SOOO GOOD! Funny story though, I asked Faustin if he could give me a haircut and he said "I no give you haircut. I never cut white man hair. If I cut your hair I make you skinhead and people say 'Who give you haircut? It very bad' and You say 'Faustin' and that is bad." It was hilarious!Thursday we got to visit with Sister Dowell and Doc had his first homecourt. It was really good and he learned a lot about family history.Friday we had dinner with Doc and talked about his baptism. We found out he had coffee and so he had to push the date back til the 21st. i might not get to go.Saturday we Had an awesome lesson with Faustin and resolved a lot of his concerns and it was awesome. Also, I attempted the 5 lb challenge at Pizza Rita and failed, it was disappointing, but I still got the t-shirt. It was fun! Doc even came to support me!Sunday i found out about transfers -- I'm going to Colville, WA and i leave tomorrow to sweep in and get to work! Elder Buckley is my new companion. I haven't heard much about him yet, but he sounds like a nice guy. I'm excited for the new challenge and it's going to be great!
My new address is 179 S Walnut Colville WA 
So there you have it. We are happy that Bryce is out of the scary part of the mission, though we know he learned a lot and will miss the many friends he made.

Here are some screenshots from our Google Street tour.
We think this is his apartment -- it's what came up under his new address.

Colville Stake Center, though with only 5,000 residents in town,
the people must come from all over the county.
 The town is just off of Lake Roosevelt and it has a Wal-mart, Taco Time and even a Zip's Drive-in -- but no more Pizza Rita for Brycie-Boo!

Here are a couple of other Colville pix -- seems like a picturesque small-town -- though it does have some harsh winter weather. Hopefully that's mostly done with!

View from Colville Mountain

Lake Roosevelt is nearby.

Uh, yeah, it does get cold in Colville.

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